SiCal Watch

A comprehensive scientific calculator with customizable keys for the Watch.


SiCal Watch. A comprehensive scientific calculator, designed for the Watch.

• Supports a scientific presentation. View and edit your entire calculation in a text string.

• Customize keys (upper row) and assign other functions to them, all on the Watch!

• You can switch over to a second key assignment which is also individually configurable.

• An intelligent cursor supports your editing (in Cursor Mode).

• Use intuitive tap and swipe gestures as well as the Crown to edit and delete, as well as to control the cursor

• 12 different styles available, freely selectable on the watch.

• Automatically saves the last 20 calculations for you. Old calculations can be loaded and reused.

• App settings can be changed directly on the watch.

• Complications are supported

SiCal Watch operates native. It works completely independently from your iPhone, once the app has been loaded to your watch.

The following functions can be individually assigned to keys:

• sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan()
• sinh(), cosh(), tanh(), asinh(), acosh(), atanh()
• x^y, x^2, x^3, 2^x, e^y, √, ³√,%, Gamma Г, n!, erf(), erfc(), rnd, rand()
• ln(), log(), log2()
• Constants: π, e
• Memory Functions: History Mode', MR, MS, MC, M+, M-
• Further items: EE, 2nd, ( , )

Fixed base key functions:
• + - / * . =
• as well as the numbers 0 to 9

Please note: This app does not provide a (further) calculator for the iPhone. Rather, it is a comprehensive and intuitive calculator for the Watch. On the iPhone you can find an introduction which gives you some details on how SiCal Watch works.

Overview, SiCal Watch Revision 1.1

Terms of use, disclaimer

The developer of SiCal Watch assumes no responsibility for the suitability, reliability or accuracy of the computational results or of any other information provided by the app.
The developer of SiCal Watch assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages caused by calculation results or by any other information provided by the app.